To reach a hurting world with the message of Jesus Christ and the power of the Cross. To help individuals understand how to receive complete freedom, healing and restoration by God’s divine grace and presence, regardless of background or past experiences. To show others that in all circumstances, the Word of God is true and never fails.

Regardless of how utterly tragic or seemingly insignificant our circumstances may be compared to those others suffer, at some point we all face difficult and sometimes heartbreaking situations.

~ Betrayal
~ Loss of a loved one
~ Grave personal illness
~ Abuse
~ Rejection
~ Anything that threatens to hold you down

The Word of God is full of answers to hard questions and solutions to overcoming life’s difficult circumstances. It’s where I turned when my husband and four youngest children were killed in an accident. I want to help you know the Jesus I know and discover that He will prove faithful to you just as He has to me, time after time.

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