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Not My Will

by Dori Phillips

In order to learn the art of overcoming we’ll have to become familiar with these three little words, “not my will.” This isn’t popular in society because we’re taught to look out for No. 1. I mean, if we’re not looking out for No. 1 then who is right? Let me save you the heartache […]

Resurrection Power

by Dori Phillips

I can’t think of a better time to speak about the resurrection power of Jesus Christ than during the resurrection season—more commonly known as Easter. Easter by itself is full of good times: the Easter bunny, hard boiled colored eggs, plastic filled eggs (sometimes involving cash), the hunt, family, food, pretty dresses… I could go […]

Define “Grace” Please

by Dori Phillips

The word “grace” has a nice easy sound. Not threatening or harsh in any way. I’ve heard it spoken thousands of times in the last twenty years to blanket almost every situation known to man, never quite understanding what it meant. I once thought it was just a vague, cliché Christian word used to explain […]

His Joy, Our Strength

by Dori Phillips

It’s the beginning of another year and most of us have a list of resolutions that we fully intend to keep. This is an honorable desire. I would like to recommend adding one to your list – allow the Lord’s joy to become your strength. How does this work? By living in God’s rest. As […]